Lunch Time Talk with Martin Bogren

Exclusively for Offspring Photo Meet ticket holders we proudly present Martin Bogren and his new work “Italia” (Max Strom 2016).

“…The images so complex of significance and yet so uncanny in their composition, pierce through your heart and take no prisoners. The viewer is swallowed, sucked in by your images. The window on my left, printer on my right and background sound of the radio cease to exist because all I can perceive is a spiritual world so distant and still strongly captivating. Image after image time and space bend to make room for me, for the viewer, pleasantly held in hostage until the last page!” – email exchange from Mimi Mollica to Martin

Monday 16th May 13:00 to 14:00 @ SPACE Studios – Portfolio Reviews Attendees only

Martin Bogren2Martin Bogren (b -67) is a Swedish photographer  whose work has has been widely exhibited and published in several monographs. His early photographs – working intensively with the Swedish music scene in the mid 90s, was published in his first photobook ”The Cardigans – Been it” in 1995.  Martins work has since then been published in Notes 2008, Ocean 2008, Lowlands 2011, Tractor Boys 2013, and in Italia 2016. The work from Italy begun during a residency in Rome  2013 as a journey and a portray of a country and its people, but soon reshaped to a  personal narrative about a state of mind; a self portrait. Italia  was completed in 2015 and recently published by Max Ström. Martin is represented by Galerie VU´ in Paris since 2013.