Space Studios, EAST LONDON
Friday, 8th June 2018
Saturday, 9th June 2018

Emmanuelle Peri

Picture Editor – Bookmark

Emmanuelle Peri moved to London from Paris in 2000, where she had studied Art History (MA) & Museology (PGD) at the Sorbonne and École du Louvre. She began working in a fast paced publishing environment at the fine arts specialist SCALA photo agency. In 2003 she started working for Phaidon Press as a freelance photo editor and researcher, editing picture content on numerous publications such as, ’This Brutal World’, ‘Photography Today’, ’The Anatomy of Fashion’ and ’Art Museum’. In 2011, she joined Forward/Bookmark, contributing on a number of projects for clients such as American Express, Christie’s, Fabric, Tesco, Standard Life & Patek Phillippe. She was made Photography Director in 2016, and has set and maintained high standard for Film, Photographic and Illustrated content ranging from print to digital platforms. Her education in fine art and extensive experience in the creative industries, supplemented by an in-depth knowledge of Ancient, Old Master & Contemporary Art has combined to form a visual sensitivity, that enables her to navigate the ever changing photographic terrain. In recent projects she commissioned and art directed large travel and architecture photography essays with the likes of Simon Norfolk, Catherine Hyland or Laurent Kronental.