Space Studios, EAST LONDON
Friday, 12th MAY 2017
Saturday, 13th MAY 2017

Francesca Seravalle

Independent Curator

Francesca is a Venetian, independent award-winning curator and researcher. She has curated a number of high profile art projects and exhibitions all over the World. Majoring with a first class degree in History of Art, assistant of the critic Ando Gilardi, she has studied in both Venice and Paris winning a University fellowship at Magnum Photos Paris’ archives. Over the past ten years she has worked as a producer for both exhibitions and books, supporting over fourty photographers including Joseph Koudelka and Antoine D’Agata. Francesca’s work is linked to the production of a number of projects for Magnum Photos, both in Paris and Milan such as “Trinity” by De Keyzer at BNF; “L’Image d’Après” at the Cinémathèque Française and “Italia e Italiani”. Her recent works as curator, writer and researcher include Shining in absence book (AMC – Kessels); Mother Nature (RVB – Kessels); Dalston Anatomy by Lorenzo Vitturi book (SPBH) and shows in Europe and US; Alex & Me by James Pfaff (Montanari). She is a talent scout for Erik Kessels and artist developer. Her essays are published by Flash Art (IT) and Secret Behaviour (US).

In 2015 with her first personal project Until Proven Otherwise / On the Evidence of the First Photos, exhibited at Format Festival, she won the Paul Hill Exposure FORMAT15 Award. The project is an “archaeological research” aiming to prove the authenticity of the First Photos (the first time in photography). The exhibition become an Urban Intervention in Bari and in Punta Secca (Sicily) waving huge size printed historical photos into the urban pattern. In November 2016 the exhibition will be showed with a new installation at the Wroclaw Museum, European Capital of Culture. Her new works include “Quantum Pixel” showed at the Brighton Festival of Art in 2016 and the video “Secret Communication” at London Photo Fair 2016 transforming the materials of her research in conceptual art. She lives between London and Venice where currently she coordinates a group of curators and archival researchers at Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre.