Space Studios, EAST LONDON
Friday, 12th MAY 2017
Saturday, 13th MAY 2017

Maria Teresa Salvati

Editor-in-Chief and founder – Slideluck Editorial

Editor-in-Chief and founder of Slideluck Editorial: a selection of the best photographic works and multimedia presented during Slideluck events worldwide.
Writer contributor for GUP Magazine: she interviews and selects portfolios of photographers, also presented at Slideluck events in Europe.
Director of Slideluck Europe since 2012, Maria Teresa has worked as a curator to bring multimedia works in London and elsewhere in Europe.
She’s been the director of Slideluck London from 2008 to 2014.

She co-edited Hungry Still: exhibition and publication produced and designed by Slideluck London, FORMAT Festival and QUAD. The project showcases twenty-four of the best works that have contributed to the English platform, since its inception, with a selection of images combined with personal anecdotes and recipes.

Maria Teresa is also a  personal branding consultant. She helps photographers to find their “spot of beauty” and vision, and advises them to build their identity and communicate via the most appropriate channels (i.e. social media). Now she teaches a course on Personal Branding for photographers in Bari at F.Project at School of Photography and Cinematography; and in Rome at Officine Fotografiche.