an interview with Alma Haser

an interview with Alma Haser

We commit to champion talent in photography and our vision is to engage with and promote photographers from a variety of backgrounds. Artist Alma Haser creates images of great visual impact which defy a straightforward perception of reality. We are happy to share with you our chat on her practice and methods.

The multi-dimensional compositions you create are ingenious and graceful. They help question our perception of reality and introduce us to a captivating world of stimulating deceptions. Is there a political stand to be read in your poetic?

My new work, Pseudo, explores themes of fiction, reality, and the space between the two. At a time when fake news sits at the heart of political and social debate, we’re all struggling to discern fact from fiction. With the project, I take a typically hands-on approach of layering, folding and cutting images of flowers, before eventually re-photographing the works, resulting in entirely new images. The sum of these techniques is not unlike a game of Chinese whispers, ultimately confusing and outwitting the viewer.


Do you find it difficult to negotiate the possible gap between your artistic practice and the commercial assignments?

I won’t take on anything that doesn’t allow me to experiment an idea or practice one of my existing techniques. I want to try and keep my commercial work relative and keep the style very similar to my own artistic process. 



How do you test your ideas when they are at an embryonal stage? 

I actually often use commercial commissions to experiment and play around with ideas which I will then later adapt on in my own art work. 


You cut, stitch, arrange and modify. It all seems great fun. is there any challenging aspects we should be aware of?

I would actually say the hardest part is coming up with the idea in the first place. Then I guess its trying to create the image in my head become reality. 


you can see more about Alma's work on her website and you can follow her on Instagram 


Alma Haser

 Alma creates striking work that catches the eye and captivates the mind


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