Since we started out our adventure in 2015 we believe essential to celebrate and champion new talents in photography. 

During each edition of the Offspring Photo Meet we ask our experts to write down their favourite portfolios and at the end of the last day a panel will choose three winners.
Our kindest partners Theprintspace, Photoworks and The Royal Photographic Society provide the wonderful prizes we offer on this current 2018 edition.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients will be exhibited at theprintspace gallery for a two-weeks full catered for show. In addition to this the Photoworks Folio recipient will be invited to take over the @Photoworks_uk Instagram account and will be featured on the PW website. The Royal Photographic society will offer 1-year complimentary membership to the three winners.

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Offspring '18


Gold - Anne Sophie Heist


Silver - Thomas Duffield

Y13 1,200km from the river source. From Mother River sereis (2010-2014), ©Yan Wang Preston. jpg.jpg

Bronze - Yan Wang Preston

Offspring '17


Gold - Joel Redman

Silver - Jon Tonks

Bronze - Silvana Trevale

Offspring '16


Gold - Chris Bethell

Gold - Chris Bethell

Silver - Matthew Finn

Bronze - Lewis Khan

Halloween '15


Gold - Freya Najade

Silver - Giulietta Verdon-Roe

Bronze - Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Offspring '15


Gold - Tamsin Green

Silver - Rahel Krabichler

Bronze - Dudy Brown


We would also like to thank our previous supporters for their generous support and for believing in us and the talents we champion: