Being With Photography

an evening with David Campany

Friday 8th June from 8pm @Space Studios - Entry £10 - FREE for Portfolio Reviews ticket holders


David Campany is a writer, curator and artist whose projects cover a great range while nearly always centring on photography. For Photo Meet he will present an illustrated summary of his approach, looking at his exhibitions, books and collaborations. 

Last year David's experimental show A Handful of Dust was presented at the Whitechapel Gallery. His books include studies of single images (Jeff Wall: Picture for Women 2011; Rich and Strange, 2012), surveys (The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip 2014; Photography and Cinema 2008; Art and Photography 2003) and revisions of photo history (Walker Evans: the magazine work). Later this year his Instagram collaboration with Anastasia Samoylova will be shown at Galerie Andreas Schmidt, Berlin. 

 portrait by Sam Contis

portrait by Sam Contis

Friday Delight Entry

This ticket grants one entry to our Friday evening program which includes the Beer O'Clock Talk with Giulia Mangione and David Campany's talk 'Being With Photography'.

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